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Since 2011, Plastic and Bags Factory has been producing environmentally responsible products for our customers. In 2013, a line of pre-consumer recycled films was, introduced, as well as innovative, lighter gauge films that reduce the amount of material needed without compromising packaging performance.

Our machinery technology has also evolved with the new, state-of-the-art components and engineering designed to reduce energy consumption and improve customer productivity and efficiency.

Another essential focus is to reduce the amount of leftover film resulting from pre-formed flexible packaging in our manufacturing facilities. The remaining scrap is re-used for the recycled film, which helps not only produce less waste, but also offers customers   environmentally responsible alternative to virgin films.



Other forms of conserving natural resources daily are by using energy efficient lighting, motion detectors, fixed water filtration systems, and low flow washrooms. At a regular basis, consumption is monitored to seek new and innovative technologies to reduce our impact on the environment.


Our recycling efforts have resulted in more than a 50% reduction of everyday waste. Waste has also been reduced by installing recycling bins throughout our facilities for office papers, cans and bottles, and corrugated products, which are being sent directly to recycling facilities instead of going to landfills.